About Handicrafts By Dave

Dave Furry Profile Picture

My name is Dave Furry and design has been my passion since childhood. I developed my skills through Pinewood Derby and woodworking, gaining appreciation for construction and design. Now, my passion for design and craftsmanship drives my work.

When I think about the CNC router in my workshop, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride and excitement. Over the past few months, since I welcomed this incredible machine into my workspace, I have witnessed my woodworking skills improve and grow in amazing ways. The amount of creativity and versatility that the CNC router provides is truly incredible. From producing intricate and delicate wood carvings, to crafting stunning furniture pieces, this machine has revolutionized my woodworking.

There is something inspiring about being able to push the boundaries of what is possible with wood and see my designs come to life. What’s more, the CNC router has introduced me to a whole new world of techniques and methods for woodworking. I am constantly learning and experimenting with new approaches, and I am excited to see where this journey takes me next.